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  • The Mercedes-AMG GLC43 SUV and coupe models are being updated following their more powerful GLC63-badged siblings’ upgrades for 2020.
  • Both the GLC43 SUV and GLC43 Coupe models gain 23 more horsepower, as well as visual enhancements and a new infotainment setup.
  • The 2020 GLC43s will go on sale by the end of 2019.

With Mercedes-AMG’s introduction of the updated GLC43 SUV and coupe models, the Mercedes GLC-class lineup is officially fully worked over for 2020. The four-cylinder GLC300s were freshened earlier this year, as were the eight-cylinder GLC63s. And now the middleweight six-cylinder GLC43s have joined the party.

The 2020 GLC43 SUV and coupe models inherit the same freshened headlight and taillight designs and infotainment upgrades as their GLC300 and GLC63 counterparts, plus a few 43-specific extras including more horsepower and a new grille with grinning vertical strakes in place of last year’s tamer horizontal slats. On the rear of [...]

When I first landed in Liberia, Costa Rica, to drive the updated 2020 Lexus RX, I wasn’t sure why the Japanese luxury brand had flown me and other journalists to Central America. About 40 minutes from the Liberia airport on the Pacific coast, the Papagayo Peninsula—with its stunning landscape, crystal-clear water, and white-sand beaches—was where we immersed ourselves in the Lexus world.

The brand is celebrating its 30th anniversary and chose Costa Rica not only because of its stunning roads and natural splendor but also because of its deep connection with Purdy Motor, Toyota’s exclusive distributor in the country. Costa Rica was Lexus’ fifth Latin American market, and it has seen consistent growth since it began operations in 2013. Lexus’ first worldwide market was the U.S., and today the luxury brand continues its expansion across the globe with plans to launch in Mexico in 2021. It will have a presence in 90 countries by then.


All that matters this week is the C8 Corvette. On Thursday it will make its first appearance in front of the assembled press and immediately a bit torrent of electronic misinformation will follow. It will be tweeted, Facebooked, Reddit-itted, blogged, vlogged and barfed out as if a massive electromagnetic pulse was emanating from GM Public Relations. It’s amazing how fast a press release can be badly rewritten by 300 or so media outlets. Yeah, C/D will have its coverage too; comprehensive, authoritative and in something approximating English.

Nothing lasts forever, but the Corvette has at least stuck around a very long time. Remember that it started in 1953 not as a calculated business decision, but as a show car built to goose interest in what was then the incredibly boring Chevrolet brand, though “brands” in the early 1950s weren’t the grim, over-calculated, psychologically tested assault on consumers that they are now. That first Corvette was [...]

During an event to celebrate its 30th anniversary, Lexus gave us a brief glimpse of the technologies and strategies it has in the pipeline, including its plans for hybrids. Below, we’ve boiled it down to the must-know tidbits.

  • A Level II autonomous driving system, called Automated Highway Teammate, is coming in 2020. The system is designed to work “from [highway] entrance to exit” and is likely to include an automated lane-change and/or passing feature. Such a system has already undergone extensive testing on thoroughly mapped Japanese expressways.
  • All Lexus models will offer some sort of electrified powertrain, meaning they will have EV, hybrid, plug-in-hybrid, or fuel cell options, with powertrain choices tailored to individual markets.


  • Lexus is working on advances in vehicle connectivity—for example, having cars communicate with a centralized data center [...]

The 2021 Ford Bronco will share underpinnings with the next-gen Ranger, but having one midsize pickup truck offering apparently isn’t good enough for Ford. Our Friends at Automobile just learned that the Blue Oval is planning to launch a pickup version of the Bronco to compete with the Jeep Gladiator.

Our colleagues’ intel comes from AutoForecast Solutions, which says the Bronco pickup is scheduled to begin production in July 2024, a few years after the launch of the 2021 Bronco SUV. That could coincide with the Bronco’s midcycle refresh. Beyond that, not much is known about the upcoming Bronco pickup. Like the Gladiator, expect the truck variant of the Bronco to be off-road-focused with more ground clearance and suspension travel compared to the Ranger. Also expect a crew cab body style like the Gladiator. We think the Bronco SUV will be offered in both two-and four-door configurations, but at any rate those doors will be [...]

The 2020 mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette C8 will be officially unveiled on Thursday, but if you’ve been following along then you’ve already seen a leaked photo of the rear end, the car’s new crossed-flags logo, and an official image of the steering wheel. Now comes confirmation that when the cover is pulled off the car in Orange County, California, it’ll be called Stingray.

“The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette will debut as a Stingray July 18, 2019. Did you know the second-generation Corvette debuted as a Sting Ray in 1963?” Chevrolet touts on its media site. “This nameplate ran until 1976”—now as one word on the C3, we’ll note—”and was then revived for 2014 to introduce the seventh-generation Corvette. Chevrolet is proud to announce the Stingray name will live on.”

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This Is the Mid-Engine [...]

  • The Aston Martin Valkyrie made its first public dynamic debut at the British Grand Prix.
  • It was driven by Chris Goodwin, Aston Martin’s head test driver, who did one lap around the Silverstone Circuit.
  • Up until now, the Valkyrie has only been tested using computer simulators.

The Aston Martin Valkyrie has been undergoing a rigorous testing regimen, but the development work has been done with advanced computer simulators, even though finalized prototypes have been built and shown at auto shows—we even got to try out the simulators for ourselves. But at the British Grand Prix race at the Silverstone circuit in England this past weekend, the Valkyrie made its dynamic debut ahead of the Formula 1 race, marking the first time it had been driven publicly.

The Valkyrie was piloted by Chris Goodwin, Aston Martin’s head test driver. He called the day “exceptionally special,” adding that while there is still a lot [...]

“It sounds like not a brilliant story, but David Brown bought Lagonda because he needed an engine,” says Marek Reichman, the current chief creative officer and studio head for Aston Martin Lagonda.

The Lagonda brand is predicated on innovation, dating all the way back to the marque’s founding, in 1906, by Wilbur Gunn, an amateur opera singer from central Ohio. (Lagonda was the Shawnee word for the settlement near his hometown of Springfield.) Gunn introduced novel features like the first fly-off hand brake and an upscale small car, the 11.1. But the company’s greatest early success may have come in luring Bentley namesake and founder W.O. Bentley to join the brand in 1935. Bentley went on to design I-6 and V-12 engines for Lagonda.

It was a version of the straight-six motor that attracted the attention of David Brown, the savior of Aston Martin, when he bought the brand after World War II. [...]

Car and Driver: Is it true you were one of the first Brits to be formally trained as a car designer?

Peter Stevens: I was doing industrial design at the Royal College of Art, a four-year course. Ford came and said it wanted to sponsor two of us to do a master’s degree in automotive design. We were the first in the U.K. It even paid £1200 a year.

So why didn’t you spend your working life with Ford?

The deal with Ford was that we would go there afterward. I did bits and pieces, including a terrible facelift of the Capri that I hate. It taught me that I wasn’t a Ford man, but also that there’s a budget and a timeline for every project, which was the key to the rest of my career.

How did you get to Lotus?

I was working freelance and doing stuff with Tom Walkinshaw Racing. They [...]

MotorTrend has been reviewing all aspects of cars since 1949—driving dynamics, design, safety, and interior elements. As technology becomes even more mainstream, a car’s interior has also become more refined. So in honor of our 70th anniversary, we decided to look back at our 1968 Car of the Year, the Pontiac GTO, to see how its interior holds up some 50 years later.

I got a chance to drive the 1968 GTO during our Ultimate Car of the Year event, and from the moment I stepped inside, I was in love. Its tan green leather is very ’60s, but the seats were quite comfortable. The front seats don’t slide forward, so it’s hard to get a good driving position, and getting to the back seat is a tough task, as you can only tilt the seat forward.

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