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It was supposed to be a flight of fancy. A vision quest, a commitment car, and a bunch of other adjectives, all of which led Polestar to go so far as to forgo calling its Precept show car a “concept.” Despite this, Polestar is now sending the well-received, low-slung electric sedan into production at a new plant in China. Expected name: Polestar 4.

Polestar, the electric performance vehicle brand jointly owned by Volvo Car Group and Zhejiang Geely Holding, is still fledging. The first offering in 2017, appropriately named the Polestar 1, was a plug-in hybrid grand touring coupe. But the brand’s mandate soon became all-electric cars only, and to that end, the 2021 Polestar 2 arrives as a battery-electric sedan that delivers 408 hp, 487-lb-ft of torque, and a targeted range of 275 miles. In short, it’s charged and ready to take on the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.

There are plans to launch an [...]

Audi adds a more rakish sibling to the Q5 model line for 2021. Dubbed the Q5 Sportback, the latest iteration of the brand’s compact crossover takes on the BMW X4 and Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class Coupe. 

Like its competition, the Q5 Sportback trades cargo space for style. Whereas today’s Q5 sports 23.1 cubic feet of space aft of its rear seatback, the Sportback offers just 18.0 cubes. That’s on par with the Bimmer and Merc, which provide 17.7 and 18.5 cubic feet of space with all seats in place. Fold the Sportback’s rear seats down and its cargo hold expands to 52.3 cubic feet, a sum that bests the X4’s and GLC’s and nearly matches that of the current Q5’s 53.1-cubic-foot space.

The Honda CR-V is so common today, its numbers so thick on the ground in most places, that you’ve probably never stopped to consider what the compact crossover’s name means—or that it means anything at all. As a standout member of a mostly drab segment, the Honda’s name could just be the same old alphanumeric mumbo-jumbo applied to any number of modern vehicles. But did you know that it actually means “Comfortable Runabout Vehicle”? The funky name reflects the newness of what the CR-V represented back in the mid-1990s: there literally wasn’t a term for what it was, so Honda made one up.

Among the first of a new kind of in-between vehicles (not quite a car, but not quite an SUV), the Honda, and others like it, would sometimes be called “soft-roaders” before eventually going by the “crossover” name. Whatever you call them, the CR-V was on the vanguard of a rapidly proliferating number [...]

Ford’s official Twitter account kicked out two significant revelations about the 2021 Bronco SUV today: First, it’ll offer a huge 37-inch tire option from the factory, and second, the available “Lightning Blue” paint color will be limited to Launch Edition models. Besides turning the spotlight back to the Bronco after its big reveal in July and before its on-sale date early next year, the tweets filled in some more pieces of the production 4×4’s puzzle for excited fans eager for more info.

Testing 37-inch hooves! Future weekends are about to get a lot better! #FordBronco

— Ford Motor Company (@Ford) September 25, 2020

Seriously, the Bronco’s Getting a 37-Inch Tire Option?

The tire-related Bronco tweet blares: “Testing 37-inch hooves!” alongside a picture of what appears to be a camouflaged prototype of the Raptor/Warthog high-performance version. Ford isn’t being very coy here, and anyone who knows off-roaders knows the company is referring to [...]

It may seem like a nascent startup to us Americans, but Lynk & Co is already well-established in China, reporting more than 300,000 overall sales since the first vehicle went on sale in 2018. That’s quite a bit. Its range in that market is heavy on small crossovers that share an architecture with its corporate sibling, Volvo. Lynk & Co’s next play is to move in on the lower rungs of the EV crossover space, a place that more established players such as Tesla and Volkswagen are making moves in. Meet the Link & Co Zero concept.

The Zero concept is a car-like crossover and a full-on EV, unlike the hybrids and PHEVs that Lynk & Co currently sells. It recalls the very first concept from the company, the CCC. The connection is more theoretical than literal, but the upright fascia and high-mounted running lamps are present—as they are on all Lynk & Co [...]

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word “monograph” is defined as “a written account of a single thing.” In the case of the Infiniti QX60 Monograph concept, it is a designed account of a single thing and, perhaps unsurprisingly, that thing is an SUV. It previews the changes that are coming to Infiniti’s design language that will likely feature on a number of their upcoming models, starting with the brand’s most popular model, the QX60.

Originally called the JX35, the current QX60 has been around since the 2013 model year with only minor tweaks since its release. That means a full redesign is overdue, and the Monograph shows where the revised QX60 is headed. Infiniti says the new design is both “elegant and muscular,” and the Monograph’s long shoulder line and well-executed floating roof design all help it stand out from the current mid-size SUV crowd.


As any automaker having a birthday is wont to do, Jeep is celebrating its 80th birthday with special editions all across its lineup. (1940 was the year the U.S. military solicited companies to pitch a design for what would eventually become the World War II Jeeps produced by Willys and Ford; the word wouldn’t become a registered trademark, and thus an official brand, under Willys until 1950.) Indeed, every 2021 Jeep thus gains an 80th Anniversary Edition, which Jeep previously announced but took until now to finally release some photos of the things. These models arrive in dealerships during the fourth quarter of the year.

Features vary somewhat on the 80th Anniversary Editions, but all are well equipped. They have several design details in common, including an available Granite Crystal paint job with matching wheels, anniversary badging, and the full-bore 8.4-inch UConnect touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


To say the looks of the new 2021 BMW M3 and its coupe sibling, the M4, are polarizing would be an understatement. The newest version of the iconic sports sedan features a schnoz that’s more akin to a pair of funky buck-teeth. It’s truly a tough face to love. The way the new M cars drive is going to be more important than the way either looks, but because we haven’t had the chance to get behind the wheel yet, all we can do is gaze on—wide-eyed and drop-jawed.

But if you think the looks of the M3 and M4 need even more fiddling with, BMW will happily sell you a set of performance parts that take the models’ looks to a whole new level. There is a slew of visual upgrades available—if you’re comfortable with calling them that. Carbon-fiber front canards, door sills, and mirror caps are just the start, as there’s also a [...]

McLaren built the 765LT to be quicker, lighter, and more engaging than the 720S. Now, that promise rings even truer as McLaren has revised some of its performance stats. It turns out the new supercar will be even quicker than expected.

Previously, McLaren claimed the 765LT would hit 124 mph in 7.2 seconds. Now, the automaker has shaved that time down to seven seconds flat. The 765LT has also improved its standing quarter-mile time to 9.9 seconds, according to McLaren.

After a few years of maneuvering by climate-change activists and green-minded legislators, Governor Gavin Newsom of California issued an executive order [click the link to view the order as a PDF] on Wednesday directing the state to require that all new vehicles on sale there in 2035 have zero emissions. The California Air Resources Board, which sets the state’s vehicle emissions standards, will actually promulgate the eventual rule that Newsom calls for.

This executive order targets private passenger cars and trucks, as well as formulates a requirement that medium- and heavy-duty vehicles reach the same zero-percent target by the later date of 2045. There’s language that allows some flexibility for the proposals due to technological feasibility and cost-effectiveness.

It’s a prospective ban, not a retrospective one, meaning used fossil-fuel-powered cars can still be bought and sold in the state, and there are no restrictions on used vehicle ownership. However, it seems likely that there [...]

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