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If you’re a luddite who insists a pony car must have eight atmospheric cylinders, stop reading now. Otherwise, if you enjoy front-engine, rear-drive fun regardless of what’s under the hood, let me tell you about the Ford Mustang EcoBoost Turbo High Performance Package.

What started as a weekend project among some of Ford Performance’s biggest Mustang geeks evolved into a sport-focused production car meant to bring a unique experience to the historic nameplate. Using a decommissioned Focus RS test engine and an extra S550 chassis collecting dust in the division garage, the team set to work, digging into the Mustang parts bin to pick n’ choose their favorite bits to add—which subsequently bring its starting price to $33,405.

First came adapting the 2.3-liter turbocharged I-4 from transverse orientation for front-wheel drive application, to longitudinally mounted and [...]

Hollywood knows: every good story deserves a sequel—or three. We so enjoyed the first round of reader car stories, we couldn’t resist asking you for more. And send them you did. Here are your personal car stories writ large or, at least, writ.

For “Your Car Stories 2, the Sequel” we’ve culled the following 10 compelling tales from the dozens sent in. Like a tall, cool drink on a hot summer’s day, they refresh us. They also surprise, entertain, delight, and confuse us. They’re about friends who use their cars to settle an argument, near incarceration, mean neighbors, speeding fines avoided, and a car disappearing in broad daylight as if part of a David Copperfield magic trick.

We thank everyone who submitted stories, and we especially celebrate those of you whose prose we chose. We will honor the winners with a gift from our memento closet, home to all manner of questionable, [...]

You might have read Alexander Stoklosa’s take on the new Valerie Plame commercial. Which we like not because of the politics, but because it features a badass black Camaro doing badass black Camaro things.

But I was reminded watching it of something that afflicts only us car folks: we can’t watch anything like normal people. Movies, TV shows, commercials — none of it. Because we’re too busy micro-inspecting every scene involving a car and if there’s anything the least bit inauthentic, we’re like Clay Davis in The Wire: “Awww, hell no.”

Take the Plame commercial. What’s not to like? She’s tearing down the road backwards in the Camaro, about to do a 180. Okay, actually more like a 160, but let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and assume the director wanted the car to be at an angle in the end frame. But watch it again and tell me if you [...]

The future is electric, even for Porsche. The Macan will be one of the first vehicles from the brand to go electric; the next generation will be a fully electric series rolling out at the start of the next decade. After driving a preproduction Taycan, we’re not worried about a new model losing its Porsche DNA to electrification. But as much as we enjoy electric car performance, we love this car’s sonorous turbo-six.

Unlike most SUVs, which make compromises in ride and handling, the Macan’s biggest strength is performance. Accurate steering makes life easier, and corners come easy despite the 4,338-pound curb weight. Paired with the optional adaptive air suspension, our Macan S tester glides over uneven surfaces. Even though it sits on large 21-inch wheels, it shields the cabin from road imperfections, smoothing out dips and bumps you’ll find on everyday roads. Not overly firm, it almost calls to mind the buttery smooth ride [...]

New cars can seem so out of reach, but sift through all those pricey SUVs or trucks and—trust us—there are actually quite a few choices. When the allure is too much to resist, many affordable new cars are available. Before we get to our top 10 list of the cheapest new cars available for 2020, keep in mind that there’s more to a new car’s cost than just the starting price. That’s why we’re proud to work with the experts at IntelliChoice—check out the Best Overall Value award winners for 2019 right here.

With that very important caveat out of the way, here are the cheapest new cars (by base price) for 2020.

Choices based on 2020 vehicles available at time of writing.

2020 Kia Forte

Base Price: $18,715

If bigger is better, give the [...]

On the morning of the 2019 Las Vegas Super Show, a line had already formed in front of South Hall, and upon entry they were greeted to over 700 show rides and aisle after aisle of vendor booths. Among the usual suspects, were sponsors such as Hoppos, DGA, Logos Two and Krazy Kutting and located just next to the booths was a stage where local mariachi played before artists such as Lighter Shade of Brown and MC Magic took the stage. With WC of Westside Connection headlining the show, it was an all-out affair that brought back the memories and great music of yesteryear.

This article was originally featured on Lowrider. For more stories like this, check out the Lowrider Network. And to see when Lowrider Shows are coming to a city near you, check out this page full of recaps from previous events.

7. Toyota Tundra

The Toyota Tundra has been around in pretty much the same form since 2007—that’s pre-Instagram if you need a cultural reference point. So, it’s old. But, the Tundra offers a spacious cabin and a decent roster of standard features, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto phone integration functionality for most models. A 5.7-liter V-8 is the only engine option, an oddity among full-size pickups, which generally offer a plethora of engine choices. The Toyota’s V-8 engine delivers mediocre fuel economy and towing performance, but the truck itself at least shines in off-road capability even in base form. The Tundra TRD Pro model adds to that dexterity with new Fox 2.5-inch internal-bypass shocks and lighter-weight 18-inch BBS wheels.

Toyota 7. Toyota Tundra

  • Base price: $35,020
  • Engines: 381-hp 5.7L V-8
  • Max Towing: 10,200 lbs
  • Toyota 6. 2019 Nissan Titan

    The 2019 Nissan [...]

    • Porsche used a Taycan Turbo, rather than a Turbo S, to achieve the Nürburgring lap record for a production electric vehicle.
    • The Turbo S makes more power and torque and conceivably should turn a faster lap time.
    • A Tesla Model S has been spotted on the Nürburging and is likely being used to make an attempt at stealing Porsche’s title.

    Did Porsche leave time on the table when it claimed the Nürburgring lap record for a production electric vehicle? Stefan Weckbach, vice president of the Taycan product line, revealed to Car and Driver that the 7:42 record was set with a Taycan Turbo instead of the company’s more powerful Taycan Turbo S.

    When asked whether Porsche had also run the Turbo S and what kind of lap time the Turbo S is capable of, Weckbach clammed up. Why wouldn’t Porsche publish a Nürburgring lap time for the Taycan Turbo S? We [...]

    Oh look, another RAV4 or CR-V. Ford hopes your quest to escape automotive sameness will end with the new Escape. Finally redesigned, the 2020 Ford Escape crossover is ambitious and charming, but this isn’t a picture-perfect story. We tested the 2020 Escape’s two non-hybrid engines to determine where it fits into an enormous field and to pose the question: Can you really put a three-cylinder engine in a compact family SUV?

    First off, the answer is yes. Slower Escape drivers who blast the radio may never know how many cylinders are under the hood. The 2020 Escape’s 179-hp 1.5-liter turbo-three moves the Ford with plenty of authority—and our objective test numbers bear this out. On the test track, our front-drive 2020 Escape 1.5T tester hit 60 mph in 8.4 seconds. Accelerate that quickly, however, and you may hear what sounds like TV static from the front of the car.

    In this grand season-15 opener, the Top Gear team teed off once again on the lowly fiberglass-bodied, three-wheeled Reliant Robin—which still lays claim to the title of second-most popular fiberglass car in history, dating from the days when Reliant was the second largest UK-owned automaker. The challenge involved Jeremy driving a 1994 model Robin from Sheffield to Rotherham—a trip of just 14 miles, during which the helmeted megastar presenter managed to roll the Robin onto its right (driver) side seven times.

    The ultimate collection of Top Gear is now available on the MotorTrend App, the only subscription streaming service dedicated entirely to the motoring world. Sign up for a free trial to start binge watching right now!

    Most times, it just SO happens that a famous person was walking or driving by in time to offer assistance. The first is ’80s pop star Phil Oakey of the Human League. The next time British “lap-dancing-bar [...]

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