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Last week, Bentley gave us a glimpse of a future that becomes reality today. The opulent SUV you see before you is the 2021 Bentley Bentayga Speed, which pairs the new Bentayga’s look with the tried-and-true existing mechanicals of the outgoing Bentayga Speed, just introduced last February. That means this exceptional fast SUV stays quick, and looks good doing it.

2021 Bentley Bentayga Speed: What’s New?

The short answer is that the new 2021 Bentley Bentayga Speed puts the current 2020’s mechanicals into the updated-for-2021 body. There is of course a lot more to it, since the updated sheetmetal and interior afford the Speed lots of ways to differentiate itself from its lesser V-8 powered siblings.

Another big chunk of new? The Speed model is also now the only way to get the [...]

Maserati is doubling down on the performance of its sedans. “Trofeo” has been a byword for the fastest and most powerful version of Maserati’s Levante SUV for a while now, but the Italian brand is finally bestowing the Trofeo badge on both the 2021 Ghibli and the 2021 Quattroporte sedans. While the Levante Trofeo remains unchanged, the Trofeo upgrades to the two sedans are extensive, and both now boast top speeds of 203 mph, making them the fastest production sedans Maserati has ever made.

That incredible top speed comes as a result of what’s under the new Trofeo models’ hoods: A Ferrari-built, twin-turbo 3.8-liter V-8 cranking out 580 horsepower and 538 lb-ft of torque. A version of this engine made an appearance in the now-dead Quattroporte GTS, but the Trofeos’ new V-8 is more potent.

All that power is routed through a ZF eight-speed automatic gearbox to the rear wheels—no fancy switchable all-wheel-drive systems here. [...]

Electric car manufacturer Faraday Future seemed to have a future. That vision has been crumbling for years, and it’s been one troubling sign after another. The latest indication that things are going badly has a silver lining, however. Instead of creditors getting stiffed or executives jumping ship, this bit of news includes an actual car you can buy. In fact, this FF 91 prototype is—as far as we can tell—the first, and so far only, Faraday Future vehicle to go up for sale. Buying it won’t save the company, but at least you’ll be able to hold a tangible product produced by a company that otherwise just seems to be burning cash.

And this is no ordinary FF 91 prototype. It’s the car that ran up Pikes Peak in 2017 in a claimed record time, although it wasn’t a production car—and, frankly, still isn’t, and probably never will be. Set aside the symbolism [...]

In the increasingly competitive green-car space, the Hyundai Ioniq lineup hasn’t gained much traction. Many consumers haven’t even heard of the trio—it offers hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric powertrains—of Ioniq hatchbacks currently available, and the EV variant isn’t at all competitive when it comes to range. Now Hyundai is seeking to changing the narrative by turning Ioniq into its own EV brand. Under the new label, the automaker will launch three electric vehicles in the next four years: a midsize crossover, a sedan, and a large SUV.

The 2021 Aston Martin DBX is the first SUV in the storied British automaker’s 107-year history. Daimler supplied the engine, the transmission, and the electrical architecture, but the rest of the DBX—the all-aluminum body structure, the anti-roll air suspension, the roomy and practical interior—has all been engineered and executed in-house. Now here’s the thing: This off-road Aston isn’t just a great first-time effort for an automaker that’s never designed and developed an SUV before. It’s great, period. The Aston Martin DBX sets a new benchmark for luxury performance SUVs right out of the box.

Range Rover, Porsche, Bentley, even Lamborghini: You’re on notice. This $192,986 Aston Martin SUV delivers a bewitching blend of performance, luxury, capability, and sheer driving enjoyment.

How Fast is the 2021 Aston Martin DBX?

We’ve already covered the technical elements of the [...]

It sure seems like the oft-rumored 2021 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Stingray R Special Edition graphics package is going to make its debut very soon. These shots show a couple of Corvette C8.R racers and a white street-spec C8 with a distinctive, motorsport-inspired graphics package, sitting under a bridge at the iconic Wisconsin road course near Elkhart Lake ahead of this past weekend’s race. While a Chevrolet spokesperson we spoke to said there were no announcements at this time and that they couldn’t confirm whether this would show up on road-going C8s anytime soon, lining up the evidence before us (and leaked elsewhere) means we think the Stingray R is more of matter of when than if.

One #Corvette will lead the field at #RoadAmerica. The other two lead the #IMSA #GTLM Championship for @TeamChevy. Notice a pattern?#MidEngine #Stingray #C8R

— Corvette Racing (@CorvetteRacing) August 2, 2020

So what was [...]

For less than the cost of an extra-large supreme pizza you would have bought at the local pizzeria that’s now delivery-only, you can subscribe to the MotorTrend App for an entire year and stream 3,200+ hours of the best in automotive entertainment, including HOT ROD Garage, Wheeler Dealers, and 25+ seasons of Top Gear.

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If that’s not enough, crank up the A/C and check out the entire Roadkill Universe: Roadkill, Roadkill Garage, Engine Masters, Faster With Finnegan, and Roadkill’s Junkyard Gold. And coming soon—drumroll please—the brand-new season of Top Gear America, featuring Dax Shepard, Rob Corddry, and Jethro Bovingdon.

Who said you need to go stir crazy during quarantine this summer? You can totally binge-watch to your heart’s content, and the [...]

You’re looking at a vehicle that represents two absolute extremes of Porsche in the early 1970s. On one hand, the Porsche 914 was a polarizing “junior” Porsche, derided for its Volkswagen roots and unusual styling. On the other hand, the 916 is a vision of a different future, in which the little mid-engined sports car received a huge dose of adrenaline in the form of big flat-six engines pulled straight from hotter 911s—much more extreme than the 914/6 cars upgraded with a mild 110-hp 2.0-liter flat-six.

Even packing a big six displacing between 2.4 and 2.7 liters, the 914-based 916 was a small car. And the kind of performance brought by the engines in so small a package would have threatened the 911 substantially. That wasn’t the reason the 916 project was cancelled, but it was surely a consideration. This is a dynamic that played out much more recently, when the Cayman GT4 [...]

A Kia what now? Meet the Sonet, a new tiny crossover being introduced for India that Kia says will soon be available in other global markets. It isn’t entirely clear if the U.S. is among those markets, but it seems unlikely given Kia’s well-fleshed-out small-SUV lineup here. The Sonet is more or less the same size as Hyundai’s Venue—which is sold in America—meaning it’d overlap heavily with the Kia Soul and, to some extent, the recently introduced Seltos that sneaks in between the subcompact Soul and the compact Sportage.

What Is the Kia Sonet?

The Sonet is a sub-subcompact SUV that looks sort of like a squished mashup of a Sportage and a Seltos, with dinky little wheels and a bubbly roof. It’s cute in the way most small things are cute, and interesting details abound, from the body-color strip behind the rear doors that wraps over the black roof to the deeply sculpted body [...]

Coming off full redesigns last year, the Subaru Outback wagon and Legacy sedan return for the 2021 model year with minor changes, including a new paint color and a few new standard safety features. The 2021 Subaru Outback and Legacy reach dealerships this October, and prices have increased slightly for both models.

To improve nighttime visibility, steering-responsive LED headlights are now standard across all trim levels on the Outback and Legacy. Rear seat reminder, which prompts drivers to check the rear seat area before exiting the vehicle (for dogs or kids sitting on the seat), is also newly standard, as is a seat belt reminder for front and rear passengers. Finally, both models receive a new Brilliant Bronze Metallic paint color option.

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