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In an era where luxury midsize sedans are hitting the guillotine, Mercedes-Benz and Genesis are doubling down on the segment. Both automakers are bringing the best of their portfolios to make their midsize sedans—the E-Class and G80, respectively—more special.

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class, known for its peaceful ride, elegant design, and comfortable cabin, has been a staple in the segment, and Mercedes has used its legacy to keep improving and raising the bar every time it has a chance. The new Genesis G80, on the other hand, is the rookie of the group. It arrives with confidence to enter a competitive segment that’s dominated by Germans, but the South Koreans have a master plan and brought the best engineers and designers from around the globe to build a proper luxury brand.

Elegant midsize sedans, however, are hard to develop. They must deliver precise handling, offer a quiet and refined ride, and possess the aura of a [...]

“Korean design.” That phrase wouldn’t have conjured much of a mental picture in Americans a few years ago, but between the architecture and home aesthetics on display in the Oscar-winning movie Parasite and the great automotive design work Peter Schreyer has been overseeing at Hyundai Motor Group, awareness is up and Korean design is officially becoming a thing—and an interesting thing at that. Study the design of the 2021 Genesis G80, for example, and you’re unlikely to find many cues lifted from establishment competitors like the Audi A6/A7, BMW 5 Series, or Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

And it’s not just the ginormous face-mask grille and ear-strap headlights. Inside, there’s a world-first 3-D instrument cluster display, a novel rotary-swipe knob infotainment interface, and other controls that blaze new ergonomic trails. We’ve now spent several days in three Genesis G80s to assess how well all this “innovation” holds up in daily use. Let’s start with the performance.

How [...]

We all know Nissan’s Frontier pickup is poised for its first full redesign in 16 years. The current version of the mid-size truck underwent an unusual final-year upgrade, keeping its ancient body and interior but gaining an all-new engine—the same engine, in fact, that will power the new 2021 Nissan Frontier when it arrives. But enough about that old rig. What about that new one? Well, after Nissan released a teaser of the ’21 Frontier recently, someone spotted one naked and totally out there.

Leaked photos that appeared on show a truck that looks a lot like the one Nissan itself teased, and even wears “Frontier” lettering stamped into its grille surround and tailgate. In the photos, two versions of the Frontier can be seen. The white one looks more traditionally outfitted, with a chrome [...]

The Bronco Nation dredged up some interesting info on Ford Bronco hardtop availability—and if you’re a reservation holder for a First Edition or Wildtrak model, you’ll want to pay careful attention. These models were promised with black-painted hardtops, but those have been delayed. For now, all Broncos will come with molded-in-color (MIC) hardtops in a “carbonized grey” color—essentially the usual color of unpainted, dark plastic exterior trim.

The “Shadow Black” painted modular hardtop is still coming, but it’ll be delayed until late in the initial 2021 model year. And if you still want one, you can opt to wait for it without otherwise forfeiting your “place in line,” so to speak. If you’d like to move forward and take delivery of a MIC top, the MSRP will be reduced by the price of the [...]

Apple CarPlay integration came late to Porsche’s vehicles relative to other brands, and it seems the American technology company and German sports car manufacturer are making up for the lost time. The latest tie-in between the two brands comes to the Porsche Taycan electric sedan, which now offers Apple Podcast integration, as well as the ability to display lyrics to Apple Music–sourced songs on its available passenger-side display screen—a boon for fans of in-car karaoke.

Since arriving to our fleet six months ago, the 2020 BMW 228i Gran Coupe has been a faithful daily driver. From weekend food hunting to serving as my ride to (distanced) martial arts practice, the 228i has been up to the task. Recently, I did a 284-mile round trip to and from Thermal, California, to attend the BMW Performance Center’s car control class. The drive gave me a sense of what the 228i is like on road trips—and if you’re considering a 228i with the M Sport package, and you like long drives, you’ll want to read on.

Just a few minutes into the trip, I realized that I was in for a bumpy two hours. The M Sport suspension, which is part of the M Sport package on the 228i and standard on the M235i, improves handling slightly but sacrifices comfort significantly. You feel every bump, rut, and pothole. Impacts get transmitted into your [...]

GMC is making the bold claim that the upcoming Hummer EV will be the world’s first “super truck.” I hate to break it to them, but whenever the GMC Hummer EV hits the streets, it’ll be the second-ever super truck. Why? Because your favorite performance enhancing drug, Stellantis (née FCA) has GMC beat with the lightning-quick, supercharged 2021 Ram 1500 TRX.

I know you’re dying to know, so let’s not drag it out any further. The 2021 Ram 1500 TRX is the quickest pickup truck we’ve ever tested. It accelerates from zero to 60 mph in just 4.1 seconds and races on through the quarter-mile in 12.7 seconds at 106.3 mph.

That performance not only beats the Ram TRX’s predecessor, the Viper-powered 2004 Dodge Ram SRT-10 (0–60 mph in 4.9 and a 13.2-second quarter at 107.1 mph), but also our longstanding quickest pickup champ, the TRD-modified 2008 Toyota Tundra TRD Supercharged, which ran from zero [...]

Earlier this year, an all-new Fiat 500 debuted in Europe as an adorable, electric city car. It’s the successor to the Fiat 500 the Italian brand once sold to us Yanks. Unfortunately, this new EV version won’t be imported to the United States. And neither will the recently revealed 500 3+1, a new three-door version that features a small, rear-hinged door behind the conventional front passenger door.

That makes it distinct from the other three-door hatchback we’re most familiar with, the Hyundai Veloster. That vehicle features a B-pillar and a front-hinged rear door on the passenger side. Meanwhile, the new 500 3+1 doesn’t have a B-pillar, so if both doors are open, there’s a gaping hole in the bodyshell—making it a lot more convenient to load large objects or small children.

After all, [...]

Earlier today, we told you all about GMC’s Hummer EV rollout and pricing strategy. To sum it up, the cheapest Hummer EV will run $79,995—but those don’t show up until spring 2024. First up is the Edition 1, a limited run of an unknown quantity of units that will shock your pocketbook with a starting price of $112,595. Of course, its specs (and trappings) look formidable. But whatever future Hummer you’re eyeing, you might be concerned about dealers pricing tactics—namely, hefty markups on hot, limited-availability vehicles.

We have some good news for you. Automotive News is reporting that Duncan Aldred, vice president of global Buick and GMC, told investors on a call this absolutely won’t happen. Yes, no-haggle pricing—once a bedrock of GM’s defunct Saturn brand—means GMC Hummer purchasers will both get protected dealer price gouging and not receive incentives. Aldred promised that the price listed will be the price buyers pay, no [...]

Just weeks after debuting the Bronco Overlanding Concept, Ford is gearing up to introduce another delectable concept vehicle. On social media, Ford released multiple teasers of a concept Bronco wearing a familiar-seeming mint green paint job.

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If you want to see what’s behind this tree branch, come back to our page on 10/22. If you don’t want to see what’s behind this tree branch, rethink your current state of curiosity. #FordBronco *Concept vehicle with custom accessories shown. Not available for sale.

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In one post, Ford hints at a potential collaboration with outdoor clothing company Filson. “This year, we plan to honor the Bronco legacy and create a new concept vehicle [...]

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